S*Papadino’s is a small breeding of British Shorthair in southern Sweden. I like patterned british but my priority is to breed cats with nice temperament,  great type and good health. The cats i use in my breed are regulary tested for the heart disease hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and they do not carry the predisposition for polycystic kidney disease (PKD).

My name is Anita and I registered my cattery name in SVERAK / FIFe 2009 and got my first litter in February 2010. I have had animals around me all my life, dog, birds, rabbit… My first cat, the norwegian forest cat Amanda, I bought when I was 17 years. When the day came that Amanda had passed away When the day came that Amanda had passed away, it was time for my first british! A very special lilac tortie, Dixie, moved in to my life. In the summer 2005 it was time for a buddy of Dixie (who’s neutered). I fell in love a very little guy, blacksilver spotted Dino, at birth he only weighed 56 grams. Although he was still small so did his breeder Anita at S*Näckrosen’s that he was very proportionate and asked if I would like to try to exhibit him. And the once little kitten grew into a large and handsome male, and that’s the way it…

Muffin och jag. Foto Karen-Marie Rasmusen
Muffin and me. Photo Karen-Marie Rasmusen