• Red british shorthair (ticked ghost pattern) BSH d
  • Male
  • Born June 4 2014
  • Pedigree
  • PKD negative parents
  • Bloodtype A (DNA N/b)
  • Carrier of dilution and chocolate (tested by DNA). Not carrier of longhair (tested by DNA). Carrier of classic tabby
  • Tested ”normal” for HCM May 10, 2015 by vet Torkel Falk

This is Rusty, our stud from Slovakia, breeder is Ema Voláriková at Endless Infinity * SK. We are so grateful that we got your confidence to bring this exciting cat to Sweden Ema. Rusty is co-owned with my friend and breeder colleague Hanna Billfeldt at Billfeldt’s britter

Rusty is a solid red male with ticked ghost pattern. We hope that we in the future will mate him mate our agouti females and have kittens that are genuine ticked (EMS-code 25)